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G-Spot Episode 48 | The Video Game Name Game

G-Spot Episode 48 | The Video Game Name Game

by Charles PowersFebruary 16, 2012

It’s been a few weeks since we’ve posted a fresh episode of the @GspotPodcast, but @fanaticalg returns to host the show yet again. The 50 minute episode is choked full of condensed gaming and tech goodness, so we suggest you dilute it with the 3-4 minutes of bloopers at the end. By the way, if you’re wondering why our episodes jumped, you can catch up on the missing episode via our iTunes.

Game News

Assassin’s Creed 3

Ubisoft Contract Jeff Broadbent for the I Am Alive Soundtrack

Tekken Makes 3D Debut with Tekken 3D Prime Edition

Capcom Reveals 4 More Street Fighter X Tekken Characters As The Release Date Approaches

Ghost Rider Co-Director to Adapt Twisted Metal Movie?

Ubisoft Ships Five Games For The US Launch Of PlayStation Vita System

Tech News

Sony Looking To Change The Way We Consume Power

HTC buddies up with PlayStation

Talking Points

KickStarter and Gaming The Video Game Name Game A new addition to the show, a random game name generator spits out a ridiculous game title, we each have 30 seconds to create the premise of the game; hilarity ensues. Here are some of the titles that made it on today’s show:

  • Incredible Gimp Starring Mickey Mouse
  • Retarded Katana Yoga
  • Hitler’s BMX Carnage
  • Maximum Porn Zombies
  • Naughty Shopping For Kids
  • Erotic Amish Colosseum
  • Profane Flatulence Frenzy
  • Barbie’s Dungeon Raider
  • Latino Horse Racing XXX
  • Inbred Skydiving Jr.
  • Heavy Transvestite – 3rd Strike
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Charles Powers
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