The Game Fanatics is run by a very dedicated crew of avid gamers who are down right awesome! Everyone here at TGF works hard to ensure that we provide you with the video game news and reviews you need and the entertainment we all crave. Feel free to drop them emails, follow them on Twitter, or stalk them on Facebook; if you can find them ;).

Charles Powers is the Founder of The Game Fanatics and nonprofit, United We Game. A TV show host and Creative Director, Charles blends his love for gaming and technology with his passion for design and writing
Born in Boston, residing in Cincinnati, and playing far too much Magic: the Gathering.
Bridget is the Public Relations Director for The Game Fanatics and Executive Director for United We Game, Inc. She loves all things Marvel and Tekken is her favorite video game.
DaJuan is a full stack web developer in the making that also likes to talk and write about video games. You may see him staring into the sky and talking to himself; pay him no mind.
When not criticizing some obscure aspect of a game, Ben enjoys relaxing by playing in the infinite pool of Super Mario Maker. He was a Genesis kid growing up but Ocarina of Time made him realize how awesome gaming truly is. Hobbies include: continuing to learn Japanese, videogames (duh), reading (in Japanese and English), writing (also duh), and rock climbing. He is also a secret member of the PC gaming master race.
When Logan isn't devouring donuts and shaping America's future, he likes to sit down and catch up on the latest and greatest in games, film, comics and all things tech. Logan also loves spending of all of his hard earned rupees towards his Legend of Zelda collection.
If he's not writing about video games or playing them, Carlos is likely drinking an ice cold beer.
What was once an innocent interest in video games has become Max's ultimate hobby. Ask him about Halo, Batman, Fallout, or Witcher and you'll get an earful for hours on end. When he's got the spare time, he likes to indulge in literature, working out, and going on runs with his dog.
More than a little coocoo for Cocoa Puffs, but great at hiding it. When Muaz isn't gaming he can usually be found reading from a mountain of comic books or watching an obscene amount of movies.
Richard is a super stuffy academic video game critic shoved inside a 19 year old kid who really likes large explosions, and tries to blend those two things into something that tricks people into thinking he's smart. He likes walking simulators, AAA blockbusters, and, sometimes, things other than video games. Rarely.
O'Dell is a Texas native who began his love of gaming in 1994 with a Sega Genesis and a copy of Sonic the Hedgehog 2. As the years went on his love turned into a deep passion causing him to do crazy things like travel the world just to play video games. When he isn't gaming he loves to eat, dance, and travel the globe. O'Dell is no super hero though. He is simply a Pokemon master who has conquered all video game genres except for horror because he will lose it.
Eva is a cheerful Spaniard living in Berlin, where she works as a community manager. When not dealing with trolls or leveling up her Diplomacy mad skills, she can be found gaming, tasting Belgian beer and travelling around the globe.
Marcus loves games and it's as simple as that. Mostly all kinds of games besides sports. Marcus enjoyed gaming at the early age of 4 when he discovered titles such as Sonic, Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat. Is he a huge nerd? Yes... yes he is.
Ryan is an aspiring game and media writer with a interest in anything vaguely nerdy. As you read this trust he's probably watching anime or playing some obscure JRPG. His spirit animal is either a coyote or Dame Judi Dench
Joel is a gamer, father, and full time dreamer! Always looking to work on something new and exciting! Loves to chat with gamers while broadcasting on Twitch!
I am a Graduate student at the University of Louisiana at Monroe, and I'm currently working on my Master's degree in English. I typically look at video games as though they could be a work of literature, and so I often apply literary theories such as postmodernism, deconstructionism, and structuralism to games in an attempt to find the hidden meanings within them. I do try to keep that side of me from overwhelming the part of me that just wants to have fun with gaming, however, and I do enjoy playing games just to blow things up and win the fight. Oh, and I recently married my wonderful Kayla last May!
Meghan grew up trolling through jungles with Crash Bandicoot. It was a pleasant endeavor but after a while she realized her tastes had changed and a little more violence was necessary. She lovingly transitioned over to Xbox and PC, blasting her way through the likes of Halo, Guild Wars, Smite, and a plethora of other games. Her love of gaming and nerd culture brought her to the world of cosplay, and she hasn't looked back since.
Rochellie loves to play most genres of video games. Outside of The Game Fanatics, she travels and competes in fighting game tournaments for the game TEKKEN. When she's not doing that, she loves to dance, listen to music, watch a bunch of movies and some anime.
Lauren is your typical real Gamer Girl that enjoys 3rd person RPG's, Survival Horror, Atmospheric, Action, Racing, basically nearly every game genre. you can join in on her hilarious fails at trying to play video games on her YouTube channel GIRLvsGAME -
Matt is a lifelong tech and gaming enthusiast who is still deeply traumatized from playing Ghosts 'n Goblins on an endless loop as a child. When not flashing-back to past video game failures he enjoys horror and kung-fu movies, or as "those in the know" say horror-fu (kungror?)
I have been writing articles since my sophomore year of high school, playing video games even longer. I worked an an Entertainment Editor for the Eastern Illinois University newspaper, worked as a reviewer for the entertainment magazine. Gaming wise, I played so many kinds of games but am also open to experience other types of games and working with the great team at The Game Fanatics all help broaden my horizons on not only gaming, but journalism experience as well.
Quinn has been writing about video games for close to 10 years now and still think he's just kind of okay at it. When he's not complaining about the happenings going on around the internet, you can probably catch him at a convention sprinting between appointments or streaming over on Beam.
Funké is a journalism student from Toronto who loves making people laugh. He also never stops talking about video games, sci-fi movies, and pop culture. You can find him on twitter @flatias.
Whenever he's not posting long form ramblings at his own digital watering hole, Tyler Chancey is a robot in human skin passionate about video games as an artform. He is also addicted to trash anime and polyhedral dice.