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Charles is the Founder and Editor In Chief of The Game Fanatics. He works full time as a Senior Producer/Designer at a Houston TV Station and enjoys gadgets, Wheat Thins, and petrichor.
Bridget manages the Public Relations for The Game Fanatics. A Babson graduate with a degree in Global Business Management, she also oversees United We Game - the nonprofit arm of TGF. Tekken, Civilization, and Assassin's Creed are among some of her favorite video games.
Jake is an Editor at TGF. He currently resides in Cincinnati, Ohio. He enjoys video games, board games, card games, sporting games, and scripted sporting games.
Jeff represents the one of newest generations of gaming journalist; the generation that began gaming during the era of Playstation 2, Gamecube, Xbox, and, just to cover all the bases, Dreamcast. Despite being relatively new in the industry, he is just as passionate as someone who first picked up a controller thirty years ago, sometime before he was even born. Comics interest him, troll dolls confuse him, and the sun from Super Mario Bros. 3 haunts him.
Ben graduated from college-land with a degree in game design and spends time working on little game projects of his own. He also runs the official Game Fanatics Podcast, the G-Spot. Hobbies include: continuing to learn Japanese, playing videogames (duh), reading (in Japanese and English), writing (also duh), and rock climbing. He has also recently gotten back into PC gaming after many years of having terrible computers and loves it. Woo!
Alena Alambeigi moved from the south to NYC in hopes of taking over the world evil scientist style. She specializes in video game, tech, and cyber security writing. Follow her on Twitter to catch one of her live video game broadcasts @thatOnegirlTV or
From a very young age, Kate loved video games and everything about them. Fond memories of playing Sega Genesis with her older brother, to Halo 2 with a group of online friends, to playing the much anticipated next-gen consoles, video games have always been a part of Kate's life. With an aspiration to be in the gaming industry, she hopes to learn through her experiences at TGF and meet new people who share her interests.
Always looking for a unique gaming experience, Tom is an avid gamer and film fanatic hailing from England. He has several years experience in television/radio production and can often be found with his head stuck inside whichever machine he's decided to tinker with.
Carlos is the Features Editor. A connoisseur of beer among other things, Carlos enjoys sleepless nights in the Lower East Side. One of his favorite spots is Verlaine but you can also find him at the Old Man Hustle watching drunk people perform stand up. He has a strong background in music and sound engineering, he has recorded several albums and enjoys collaborating with other budding musicians and talents. As a booking agent, he has worked with some of the finest talents in the indie scene in NYC.
Matt Shelhart is a video game addict who grew up in Los Angeles. He is a huge fan of Metal Gear Solid and thinks he fully understands the story. His other hobbies include fitness, music, and giving his opinion when nobody wants it, which is why he started writing.
James is a college student that enjoys writing about his passions, mainly video games. A staunch video game supremacist, his mortal enemy is the "cinematic experience." He prefers solid controls, intuitive game design, and fun game play above all else, because that's what sets video games at the forefront of entertainment. If you feel the same way feel free to follow him on twitter @JamesAdamWynne.
Max is the Managing Editor of The Game Fanatics. When he's not at the gym and or producing some fiction writing in his spare time, Max can be found regurgitating Halo's extensive lore to the unaccustomed or sinking countless hours into a BioWare or Bethesda RPG. Whenever Fallout 4 arrives, expect Max to hide away from all society for weeks on end.
Adam is looking for good storytelling above all else. Give him a Bioware or Telltale game and he’ll be unreachable for hours, maybe even days. Oh, he also likes writing. That’s why he’s here.
Myles is a soulless redhead that feeds on the innocence of children to survive. Video games, especially good ones (see Bioshock Infinite, Metal Gear Solid Series or Smash Bros. for examples) keep him satiated for the most part. He also sometimes bangs on a keyboard until words are made in the form of articles, tweets, books and otherwise. Don't look him in the eyes.
Keith's an explorer, someone who looks for adventure and fun. Sometimes it's seeking out breathtaking vistas in the harsh wilderness of Skyrim, other times it's running screaming from Deathclaws in the Capital Wasteland. Now he's an explorer of gaming news, bringing updates to the masses. Ask him about his video game tattoos, he won't shut up about them.
Zach spends most of his time digging up engrams by shooting into a cave on Earth...Joking, but seriously...He finds most of his time being spent around his Playstation consoles, digesting the newest information in video game related products/services, and bringing you the best in a timely fashion. That is until the raiding starts...Where did he run off to?!
His favorite rapper is Kanye West and he's been gaming since birth. Dennis has a passion for video games and wants to share it with you!
Lance is a writer by trade, a gamer choice, and a lover by heart. Believing that gaming is more than pretty colors, he sets out on an endeavor to share the finer points of gaming. On his oft-time he is an on air personality on the YouTube show "GAMplay". Follow him at on Twitter @ZookaTooth!
Jhana is a sophomore university student who spends his time dogsledding to and from his igloo up in Canada. When he’s not playing hockey, Jhana loves to immerse himself within the vast world of an RPG, dig into the latest indie game, or sit back and enjoy an anime or two. Twitter: @EllardTGF
Travis is a gamer of many trades from the hardcore to the kawaii. He is a lover of most things nerdy with a very unique insight on many different niches. He is also the creator and co-host of the YouTube show "GAMplay". Follow him at on Facebook & Twitter @SkrillaThrilla
Trevor is very passionate about games, and technology. He has found a way to incorporate them into his everyday life. He is a passionate writer and he enjoys writing about the things that he loves. Things like computers, video games, comic books, and anime attracted his attention at a very young age. When Trevor is not spending his time lost in a great gameplay experience, he is writing about those experiences.
Jonathan Guillen is a college student pursuing a degree in English Writing. His passions include games, novels, anime, movies, TV shows, and anything else that tells a story. He gets bored easily so don’t be surprised if you see him writing from a strange mix of topics.
Mona is a huge believer in video games and caffeine. You can find her rambling about her addiction of Red Bull on Twitter or about her affinity for her favorite hockey team the San Jose Sharks.