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Dead Island PS3 Patch 1.01 Killing Your Trophy Or Save Data

Dead Island PS3 Patch 1.01 Killing Your Trophy Or Save Data

by Chris BowenSeptember 10, 2011

Well its been a good few days since the release of the long awaited zombie slashing action packed title, Dead Island, and it looks like game has had its fair share of issues. Gamers all over have been experiencing save date problems. Example, I Finished the entire game, exited to the XMB, came back to find myself at chapter 11. For a open world game like Dead Island with a load of achievements/trophies to aquire this is completely terrible. This was all before the dreaded “1.01”.

Since the 1.01 update Patch just released for the PS3, new complaints have been made recently from gamers all over. Rumors mention that the patch totally erases your trophy progress from where ever you stand to zero. This however does not effect trophies that have already been obtained, only those that are not completed. Other Rumors say that the patch resets you back some time in your story for some hours or completely overall. From all these complaints the issue may vary to those who download the patch.

Once thing is for certain if anything, this is not a good launch for Dead Island. From Deepsilver releasing the unfinished version of the game on PC to Save data and trophy data being erased, this is all a terrible sight to see for the long awaited title. Hopefully we’ll see some good news soon from deep silver on the zombie hack and slasher.

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