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Falcon Northwest/NVIDIA Custom PC Top View

This Incredible Custom PC Raises Money for a Cause

by Brian Murphyon May 4, 2014
Custom gaming rigs can be a thing of beauty. We’re certainly no strangers to building fanatical rigs here at The Game Fanatics, but we have to share a thing of beauty when we come across one. This impressive machine is the child of cooperation between NVIDIA and custom PC builders Falcon Northwest. So if you’re […]

EA and Comcast Nearing Deal To Stream Games on TVs

by William Harmonon May 2, 2014
Smart TVs have been a thing for a while now, though they’ve been somewhat slow at catching on within the gaming crowd. The winds may be shifting though, as EA and Comcast are close to signing a deal that would allow EA published games to be available on Comcast’s X1 television OS.


Top Game Engines For Indie Developers

by Breezyon May 2, 2014
Over the past few years we’ve seen a surge in Indie game titles that not only have given excellent gaming experiences, but do so with game engines that in most cases are 100% free. As a budding game developer myself. I’ve waded through the waters of fanboyism and random opinions to find some game engines that may work for you or […]

Kingston HyperX

HyperX Brings the Fury With New SSD and Headset

by Brian Murphyon April 27, 2014
HyperX is well-known around these parts for making some of the most impressive memory and SSD’s designed with gamers in mind.

Unreal Engine 4 Gets an Official Update

by Breezyon April 25, 2014
With the dust finally settling from this years Game Developers Conference (GDC)and forum threads settling down from the numerous announcements from Epicgames,

Western Leaf Frenzy Tablet

Newcomer, Western Leaf’s Frenzy 8Z Android Tablet, is Super Thin, Super Light, Super Powerful

by Charles Powerson April 21, 2014
A new contender in the tablet space, Western Leaf Electronics announced the Frenzy 8Z: a 7.9″ tablet which boasts pretty impressive specs. 


Sennheiser’s Line of Gaming Headsets to be Showcased at PAX East

by Alena Alambeigion April 8, 2014
Sennheiser will be making an appearance at PAX East to demo their latest gaming headsets G4ME ONE, G4ME ZERO, U 320, and MOMENTUM. They’ll have a setup of four PC gaming stations (courtesy of Velocity Micro) and they will be raffling one off at the end of the week. These are high-end headsets geared towards […]
The Art of Colors' G2460PQU

AOC’s G2460PQU | A Smart Monitor for Smart Gamers

by David Ketchieon April 5, 2014
Art of Colors launches a new 24'' LED gaming monitor with a crystal clear display and a cat like reflex response time.


Amazon Unveils FireTV, An All-In-One Set-Top Box

by Jeff Smithon April 2, 2014
As one of the largest online retailers in the world, Amazon has seen a lot of set-top boxes come and go. They’ve seen what consumers like most, and are utilizing that knowledge in their own box, the Amazon FireTV.

Cortana Virtual Assistant Coming with Windows Phone 8.1

by Katerina Perichon April 2, 2014
Like Siri to the iPhone and Google Now to Android, Microsoft is now introducing it’s own little personal pocket assistant, Cortana.  If you’re familiar with Halo, then the name Cortana should of course ring a bell; if not, well get ready to say hello to your new handheld sidekick.


Ubisoft Not Interested In Virtual Reality, Until Other Devices Meet Success

by Chanté Goodmanon March 28, 2014
Is there anything cooler than Virtual Reality? There are a few things, but not that many. When it comes to Virtual Reality in video games, however, some would say it’s second to none.
BlueStacks Brings Mobile Gaming to PC, MAC and TV.

BlueStacks Announces New AAA Developers for GamePop

by Brian Murphyon March 24, 2014
BlueStacks, the company that brings your favorite mobile games to your PCs and Macs, has announced a few new partnerships that could spell huge changes for the little company.

Nyko's new SHIELD protective Shell Case

Nyko Announces New Accessories For NVIDIA SHIELD

by Brian Murphyon March 16, 2014
Nyko, one of the main names in gaming accessories, just launched a line of accessories for the NVIDIA SHIELD on their website.