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The Next HTC One Leaked, Sports a Gold Shell and No Physical Buttons

by Chanté Goodmanon February 19, 2014
HTC has kept us on the edge of our seats as we wait for their big announcement next month. We’ve had a few leaks, but so far everything has seemed to be kept well under-wraps, until now.
PlayStation Plus exploit yields free membership time

PlayStation Plus Exploit Gives Free 21 Year Long Memberships

by Brian Murphyon February 14, 2014
PlayStation Plus. It’s the $50 per year service that gives PlayStation 3 and 4 owners access to free monthly games, online multiplayer, online game save storage and discounts on the PlayStation Store.  But what if you didn’t have to pay for the service? What if you could get the service absolutely free?


Sony Boasts Lead Over Microsoft in Next-Gen Console Race

by Alex Androskion February 14, 2014
According to a press release received by Bloomberg, Sony is bragging that the Playstation 4 outsold the Xbox One roughly two-to-one in January in the United States, based on the most recent NPD report.

Shooting skeet

Betting on Glass: The Future of Mobile Gaming

by Brian Murphyon February 13, 2014
Mobile gaming has evolved over the past decade. We saw the birth of the Nintendo DS and the PlayStation Portable in 2004, both of which helped bring attention back to the mobile gaming world. Then in 2007 Steve Jobs announced the iPhone to the world. It wasn’t a gaming platform at first, but the introduction […]
Xbox One Media Remote

Could An Xbox One Media Remote Control Be Coming Next Month?

by Brian Murphyon February 13, 2014
An accidental posting showed up on Amazon Canada’s website giving us a glimpse of a new accessory slated for the Xbox One. We know this isn’t the first time Microsoft has released remote accessories for their gaming consoles but this one looks a good deal more simplistic than their previous generations.

Windows Phone

Universal Apps and More Confirmed in Windows Phone 8.1

by Brian Murphyon February 13, 2014
One of the programmers with access to the Windows Phone 8.1 Software Development Kit (SDK) has compiled a laundry list of changes that are coming in Microsoft’s next major Windows Phone update. Key among these changes is the hint that Microsoft may be merging Windows Phone 8.1 and Windows RT, their tablet operating system.

Hitachi vs Western Digital vs Seagate

Seagate Spins Out as the Least Reliable Hard Drive

by Brian Murphyon January 23, 2014
Let’s face it. As gamers, hard drives are the key to our survival. Ok, not quite to that extreme but equipment reliability is something that should be on everyone’s mind when choosing equipment for that new gaming tower, HTPC, or console. Many of us have been there when an old disc drive starts to click […]

CES 2014 | Gunnar Optiks Decks Out its Intercept Line

by Nick Pinkertonon January 20, 2014
Gunnar Optiks, the maker of popular gaming and PC-usage eyewear, have released several new color options for its Intercept product line.

Lenovo Y50 Left Side

Hands on With the Lenovo Y50 Gaming Laptop

by Charles Powerson January 16, 2014
Gaming laptops are a dime a dozen these days, but one company has been consistently pushing out great products for game fanatics, and that is Lenovo.

CES 2014 | T-Mobile Proves They Are Fastest in the Nation

by Marisa Sundellon January 14, 2014
After collecting data pertaining to the speed of their 4G LTE network from actual customers, T-Mobile has announced that their network is currently the fastest in the nation.

Origin PC’s Millennium and Genesis Cases, the Most Customizable Cases on the Market

by Bryan Fosteron January 14, 2014
It’s Friday night, you have a gorgeous date to prepare for, and you’ve spent hours getting ready for it. Then right before you leave you realize you could have done a better job with your color combination, and suddenly, it’s back to square one. You go through the same process when you start building a […]

CES 2014 | Galaxy S5 Could Use Eye-Scanning Technology

by Matt Akerson January 13, 2014
During CES this week, Samsung told a reporter from Bloomberg that the company is experimenting with iris-scanning technology, which may be incorporated into the upcoming Galaxy S5 smart phone.

Origin PC Millennium

CES 2014 | Origin PC Reveals Customizable Desktop Cases

by Matt Akerson January 8, 2014
At the Computer Electronics Show (CES) on Tuesday, custom PC company Origin PC revealed two redesigned entries to its customizable desktop tower series.