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Google’s Android TV Controller Sure is a Controller

by Alex Androskion July 2, 2014
At this year’s Google I/O conference, Google announced Android TV, the successor to their ill-fated Google TV, and positioned similarly to Amazon’s Kindle Fire TV, including the ability to play games.

VIZIO 2014 M-Series | Finally, an LED TV Worthy of Your Next-Gen Console

by Alena Alambeigion June 30, 2014
Recently I got the chance to preview a VIZIO 2014 M-Series LED TV.  Frame rate, picture quality, and clarity are just a few things I look for in a good TV, as would any gamer. So how did the VIZIO 2014 M-Series hold up? Pretty good actually.

Origin promo

Origin PC Offering Goodies in July

by Breezyon June 29, 2014
With June nearly over and July on the horizon. It’s time to get ready for those big sales celebrating America’s independence, and of course making stuff blow up!

surface to lumia

Surface Out, Lumia In: Microsoft Rebranding Rumors

by Alex Androskion June 28, 2014
Microsoft is wrapping up negotiations to use the Nokia and Lumia brands for their own hardware devices, according to EVLeaks. If the rumor is true, Microsoft intends to replace their handset branding with “Nokia by Microsoft” and the Surface branding with Lumia branding.

Android TV Already Seeing Support From Devs

by James Marshon June 27, 2014
Despite only being announced in the past 48 hours many developers have already announced their support for Google’s Android TV platform.

A38 Bluetooth Headset

Astro Gaming’s A38 Bluetooth Headset is a Thing of Beauty

by 8 Bit Briton June 27, 2014
Proving themselves once again the leaders in the bluetooth wireless tech industry, Astro Gaming won us over at E3 this year with their new A38 Bluetooth Headset.


Google I/O | Android ‘L’ Update Unveiled

by James Marshon June 26, 2014
Google have unveiled their Android ‘L‘ update, calling it a radical design overhaul. Their new ‘Material design’ will be consistent across all platforms: Chrome, Android and Google websites and services.
xbox 360 controller

Original Xbox 360 Controller Devs Acquired By Oculus

by Chris Calasahanon June 25, 2014
The development team known for developing the Xbox 360 controller & Xbox Kinect, Carbon Design, has been acquired by Oculus.

Google IO

Google to Unveil New Version of Android at I/O

by James Marshon June 24, 2014
Business Insider claims to have a source saying that the next version of Android will be unveiled at Google I/O sometime tomorrow.
Turtle Beach E3 2014

Turtle Beach’s Elite 800 & Stealth 500x Bring DTS Headphone:X Technology to Next Gen Consoles

by 8 Bit Briton June 24, 2014
Turtle Beach showed us their lineup of headsets at E3 2014; we of course had a peek at their next-gen DTS Headphone: headsets.


Evil Controllers Will Be Making Custom GameCube Controllers For Super Smash Bros.

by Chanté Goodmanon June 20, 2014
Evil Controllers has two pieces of big news to share with fans, one of which is their lineup of custom Nintendo GameCube controllers to celebrate the launch of the upcoming Super Smash Bros. game.

E3 2014 | Monoprice Has New 4K Monitors, Aims to Make Them “Accessible”

by Breezyon June 18, 2014
At long last Monoprice has decided to take the plunge and enter the realm of computer monitors, and in a not so timid way. Later this year around the third fiscal quarter, Monoprice will be releasing two monitors.


New FutureMark Benchmarking Tool Stuns and Amazes

by Breezyon June 13, 2014
With E3 2014 occupying the game industry all week, FutureMark; Creators of 3DMark (a PC Benchmarking tool) tried to stealthily launch a new benchmarking app that’s capable of testing those computer rigs out there that are rocking DirectX11 GPU’s!