GDC 2014 | Sony Reveals VR Prototype: Project Morpheus

by William Harmonon March 19, 2014
Hey guys. This just in. It’s the future. In case you didn’t know, GDC is going on this week (that’s Game Developers Conference 2014, if you’re not familiar), and Sony has chosen that venue to introduce us to Project Morpheus.
Unity 5

GDC 2014 | Unity 5 Announced and Teased

by Breezyon March 19, 2014
When it comes to making video game’s people would often turn towards Unreal, or CryTek for their highly coveted game engines. However that will be changing starting today after the announcement of Unity 5 at this years GDC.


GDC 2013 | Destiny “Brave New World”

by Enis Tezcanon March 28, 2013
Today, the ancients of the majestic pacific northwest (Bungie) wrapped up their GDC panel today giving guests attending a glimpse into the art, character development and design of Destiny, from early concept art to images, animation and character models. Their impressive Character Development video showcases models from the Vex, the evil time  traveling robots, the […]

Le Game

“Le Game” Announced at 2012 GDC

by Marisa Sundellon March 12, 2012
On Friday March 2nd, 2012 a new  French gaming brand titled “Le Game “ was announced at the 2012 Game Developers Conference in San Francisco.  Le Game is backed by the French government and funded by the French trade association. Le Game’s official motto is “Uncompromising Creativity from France.” The goals of Le Game are […]

Nintendo Jumps on Autodesk’s New Gameware Technology

by Breezyon March 7, 2012
When new technology is announced there’s a bit of resistance to it but that’s hardly the case for Nintendo it seems.  We spoke about Autodesk’s Gameware technology earlier today on the site here, and apparently from whatever Nintendo saw during Autodesk’s conference, that was enough to convince them to enter into a landmark license agreement […]


Autodesk Offers Expanded Mobile Game Development and Artificial Intelligence Solutions

by Breezyon March 7, 2012
Today at GDC 2012, one of the leading companies in 3D animation and artwork unveiled a new line of game development tools for mobile game developers. Autodesk, Inc. has announced new and enhanced game development middleware from its recently launched Autodesk Gameware product line. The company has extended its mobile game development and artificial intelligence […]


Approxy Looking to Deliver Instant-Play HD Gaming

by Jasdeep Sahotaon March 6, 2012
The digital distribution of games is constantly evolving. In just over a half a decade it has gone from being a flimsy second-option to becoming a prime delivery medium. However, a digital retailer is – and has always been – reliant on the speed of a consumer’s Internet connection. A slow download is a slow […]

Square Enix at GDC: Sleeping Dogs, Heroes of Ruin and Quantum Conundrum

by Jason Chestnuton February 15, 2012
Square Enix will be present at the Game Developers Conference (GDC) in San Francisco this year featuring hands-on demos of three of their most anticipated titles: Sleeping Dogs, Heroes of Ruin and Quantum Conundrum. Sleeping Dogs, which was originally being developed as True Crime: Hong Kong, is an open world crime drama. According to the […]

EA/Crytek Respond to Crysis 2 PS3 Demo Issues

by Nick Keoganon March 17, 2011
I am sure if you have played the Crysis 2 Demo on PlayStation Network or have been reading articles on N4G and other sites, you have seen or heard complaints about the troubled visuals. Well, last night I emailed Crytek about the visual complaint from gamers. The question I had originally asked was: “Was the […]

3DVIA Offers Game Designers a Choice

by Nick Keoganon March 17, 2011
3DVIA is a brand of Dassault Systemes that was founded to extend their high-end 3D graphics capabilities to new markets including consumers. The company’s stated goal is to democratize the use of 3D technology and establish it as the new media for consumer and professional users. At GDC 2011, 3DVIA showed off their games and […]

Earth Defense Force: Insect Armageddon

by Nick Keoganon March 16, 2011
In March of 2007, Earth Defense Force 2017, was released on Xbox 360. The game wasn’t very stunning visually, the levels were uninspired, and the frame-rate was definitely a problem. Even with that said, the game was still a fun experience. At GDC 2011, D3 Publisher showed off Earth Defense Force: Insect Armageddon, and this […]

BATTLEFIELD 3 SPU-Based Deferred Shading on Playstation 3

by Nick Keoganon March 10, 2011
DICE showed a full slideshow at GDC 2011, but this is some of the good stuff. Battlefield 3 is due to release in Q3 2011. Check out the Battlefield 3 website for updates on the game. SOURCE – View more presentations from DICE  


NeuroSky to Change Movies and Gaming

by Nick Keoganon March 8, 2011
Well, the video below can describe NeuroSky better then I ever could have. At GDC 2011, I had the opportunity to use the NeuroSky headset, and I was very impressed. The headset is comfortable and easy to use. They said there is no need to install a program to run it, that the game will […]