Fanatical Five | Our Top 5 Favorite Video Game Fathers!

by Tom Dearsleyon June 15, 2014
Today being Father’s day for U.S, Canada and UK (Sorry rest of the world!) we take a moment to reflect upon those characters who have overcome their own shortcomings and imperfections to provide emotional and physical support for their fictional families, for better or for worse.
michael jackson e3

Throwback Thursday | Here’s a Picture of Michael Jackson at E3

by Kate Reedon June 12, 2014
Michael Jackson and E3. Probably two things you’d never think of putting together in the same sentence if you weren’t talking about a dancing game. But folks, it happened back in the 90s.


E3 2014 | Why Can’t We Have Female Heroes, Assassin’s Creed?

by Chanté Goodmanon June 11, 2014
The uproar after the Assassin’s Creed DEVS admitted to their choice to not include playable female assassins in Assassin’s Creed: Unity happened so quick, it must have almost given them whiplash.

ps4 e3

E3 2014 I Sony Playstation Press Conference Review

by Carlos Ovalleon June 11, 2014
This is E3 2014. One year since Sony went on stage and won the crowd over with their winning policies and a competitive price point.  Sales have gone through the roof since then and have made Sony’s PS4 the leader in hardware sales as Microsoft continues to tail behind.

E3 2014 | 5 Sequels TGF Wants To See

by Sam Robinsonon June 7, 2014
The Electronics Entertainment Expo is just under a week away and that means we’re in store for an onslaught of video game action. With the next generation of gaming officially underway, this year’s E3 is primed to show off some seriously impressive looking titles.


Artist to Watch | Irina Kuzmina and her Rich Illustrations

by Bridget Thrashon June 5, 2014
Irina Kuzmina is a very talented artist from Russia, currently residing in Moscow. Her detailed art brings together very vivid scenes and deep rich colors to make beautiful work.


Valiant Hearts: The Great War Preview | Why You Should Care

by Sam Robinsonon June 5, 2014
There’s a chance that you have never even heard of this game and that’s almost as sad as the story it’s planning to tell you. Valiant Hearts: The Great War releases this month and I really hope it doesn’t get buried beneath all of the E3 announcements and hype.

E3 2014 | 5 Games That Nintendo Needs To Win E3

by Chris Calasahanon June 4, 2014
It is no secret that the Wii U is struggling. The new system has failed to meet expectations financially as units are still difficult to sell.  It seems that Nintendo has failed to convince players that the Wii U is worth a purchase. Nintendo’s struggles are enough to make any fan depressed, as the company’s successes have been influencing gamers since 1983.


E3 2014 I 5 Games Microsoft Needs to Win E3

by David Ketchieon June 4, 2014
Five games that would help quench the thirst of those looking for Microsoft exclusives in a variety of genres at E3 2014, but will they be there?
mariokart retrospect banner

Defying The Generation Gap – The Mario Kart Legacy

by Tom Dearsleyon June 4, 2014
All the way back in 1992 I remember leaving the movies after watching Batman Returns with a couple of friends, we were so pumped afterwards and were going to head back to mine for a round of Micro Machines on the Mega Drive, but then one of them intervened. “I’ve got this new racing game for the […]


E3 2014 I 5 Games Sony Needs to Win E3

by Carlos Ovalleon June 3, 2014
With E3 2014 just around the corner,  a blistering start, the PS4 continues to perform at a steady pace month after month, outselling its competitor by a significant margin. But with Microsoft slashing the price off the Xbox One and the removal of Kinect, Sony looks to have their hands full as they attempt to remind […]

Fanatical Fashion | Black Milk Clothing’s Unbelievable Fashion Faux Pas

by Chanté Goodmanon May 8, 2014
Black Milk Clothing is a clothing brand whose nerdy apparel line gained them a cult-like following. A recent Facebook post, however, has caught them with their skirt in the wind and their flies down.


The Amazing Spiderman 2 Review | All Filler, Little Killer

by Chanté Goodmanon May 7, 2014
After hearing about how many villains had been stuffed into one instalment, people were astonished at how they would all have the needed amount of screen time to make us love to hate them.