Fanatical Weekend Round Table

by Sam Robinsonon July 6, 2014
Introducing our weekly column where the Staff here at The Game Fanatics answer a few questions and reveal some Fanatical Facts about their gaming habits.
Twitch Streaming

Does Twitch Streaming Effect Gaming Ability?

by David Ketchieon June 30, 2014
Some gamers seem to thrive in the spotlight of live streaming, but can the pressure of an audience on Twitch make all of us better gamers?


So the Steam Summer Sale is Ending…Here are the Games I Bought and Why

by William Harmonon June 29, 2014
The Steam Summer Sale is one of the most anticipated moments for PC gamers. It may not be an expo teasing new titles…it may not be a series of exclusive talks with the world’s leading designers…but it’s an event where every-day people get to acquire some of the titles they never thought they’d buy.


When Did Linearity Become a Bad Thing?

by Carlos Ovalleon June 27, 2014
It’s time to fight a new campaign. Linear games are a thing, they’re here to stay, and I love every minute of them.

Weekly Mobile Roundup — Best Android and iOS Games This Week

by Charles Powerson June 27, 2014
The weekly mobile roundup is back! The Game Fanatics has been hard at work curating a list of the best Android and iOS games of the week (actually longer; we’ve had quite a hiatus).


Fanatical Five | Top 5 Hip Hop Songs in Video Game Trailers

by Bridget Thrashon June 24, 2014
Hip Hop is increasing as an audio form for video games. We have listed five of the best trailers with Hip Hop music. What are your thoughts?

Turtle Beach E3 2014

Turtle Beach’s Elite 800 & Stealth 500x Bring DTS Headphone:X Technology to Next Gen Consoles

by Brittany Deatherageon June 24, 2014
Turtle Beach showed us their lineup of headsets at E3 2014; we of course had a peek at their next-gen DTS Headphone: headsets.

Everything You Need to Know About Halo: The Master Chief Collection

by Charles Powerson June 23, 2014
At E3 2014, Microsoft announced Halo: The Master Chief Collection– giving gamers the first opportunity, ever, to play the entire Master Chief saga, all on one disc. I was fortunate enough to have a moment with 343 Studio Head, Bonnie Ross, behind closed doors to check out Halo: The Master Chief Collection.


Metal Gear Solid V | The History of Big Boss, Part One

by Sam Robinsonon June 21, 2014
Hideo Kojima has officially graced E3 2014 with his presence and even showed off a new game-play demo. As with every other time he has spoken about Metal Gear Solid, with new information comes an avalanche of questions from the fans.
NVIDIA Gaming Expo E3 2014 - Game Fanatics (73)

How NVIDIA’s Gaming Expo Brought E3 to the Masses

by Brittany Deatherageon June 19, 2014
This year NVIDIA had their own gaming expo outside the doors of the Los Angeles Convention Center that was holding this year’s E3. Live music, free drinks, and amazing prizes were only some of the highlights of their event.


How Nintendo Almost Got Me to Buy a Wii U After E3 2014

by Carlos Ovalleon June 19, 2014
Nintendo really is an enigma. No one can quite figure them out and they continue to surprise gamers around the world with their questionable decisions and just puzzling weird way of doing things.

Fanatical Five | Our Top 5 Favorite Video Game Fathers!

by Tom Dearsleyon June 15, 2014
Today being Father’s day for U.S, Canada and UK (Sorry rest of the world!) we take a moment to reflect upon those characters who have overcome their own shortcomings and imperfections to provide emotional and physical support for their fictional families, for better or for worse.

michael jackson e3

Throwback Thursday | Here’s a Picture of Michael Jackson at E3

by Kate Reedon June 12, 2014
Michael Jackson and E3. Probably two things you’d never think of putting together in the same sentence if you weren’t talking about a dancing game. But folks, it happened back in the 90s.