OnLive CloudLift’s Video Game Streaming Service Does The Heavy Lifting For You

by Tom Dearsleyon August 20, 2014
With all the recent subscription services increasing in popularity including EA Access and PS Plus, we decided to take another look at OnLive and how it could be the dark horse in the video game streaming race. 

The Last of Us 2 is Better off Using New Characters

by Carlos Ovalleon August 18, 2014
New characters for The Last of Us 2 could propel the series forward.


Bloodborne Gets a New Batch of Juicy Details

by Carlos Ovalleon August 16, 2014
Bloodborne is a game that many Souls fans have clamored for ever since Dark Souls 2 was initially announced.


Fanatical Five I Best New IPs from Gamescom 2014

by Carlos Ovalleon August 14, 2014
It was great to see updated looks on previously announced games like Evolve and the brutally dark Bloodborne but it’s even better when we can be surprised and taken by brand new ideas and refreshingly new IPs.

Fanatical Culture | Top tumblr Gaming Blogs You Need to Follow

by Chanté Goodmanon August 13, 2014
There's no denying it, Tumblr is huge. From cool screenshots to gifs, you can scroll through hours of great stuff. Here's our list of top tumblr gaming blogs.


Gamescom 2014 I O Vita, Where Art Thou?

by Carlos Ovalleon August 13, 2014
Another year, another major press conference in the books and Sony’s PS Vita continues to tread water.


Gamescom 2014 | Rise of the Tomb Raider is Actually a Timed Exclusive

by Bryan Dupont-Grayon August 13, 2014
Every now and then, games get an exclusive pathway to one console over the other. A few years ago, Square-Enix’s Final Fantasy XIII was that game. Now it’s Rise of the Tomb Raider, another Square-Enix published title.

Gamescom 2014 | Tomb Raider, Exclusivity, and Why You Need to Get Over Yourself

by Ben Runningson August 13, 2014
Rise of the Tomb Raider is going to be an Xbox One exclusive and the internet imploded. But that's not really the main issue...

Gamescom 2014 | Dragon Age: Inquisition Trailer Revealed; Inquisitor Role is Huge!

by Bryan Dupont-Grayon August 13, 2014
At Gamescom 2014, EA and Bioware have unleashed a gorgeous and fast-paced trailer for the third most anticipated title in the Dragon Age franchise. Judging from what can be seen in the trailer, Dragon Age: Inquisition brings back some old and new races that fans have been dying to play as.

Gamescom 2014 I Rise of the Tomb Raider Might be Timed Exclusive, But So What?

by Carlos Ovalleon August 12, 2014
It was a shocker to see the next Tomb Raider game be announced as an Xbox One exclusive and the aftershock is still ringing tenuously throughout the channels of social media.


Why Bloodborne is the Souls Game We Need Right Now

by Carlos Ovalleon August 11, 2014
Bloodborne looks to take the Souls franchise to a new direction.
Fish Plays Pokémon

Fanatical Culture | The Pokémon Playing Fish

by Chanté Goodmanon August 11, 2014
A Twitch user has been streaming their fish, named Grayson Hopper, playing Pokémon Red! You’ve got to see it to believe it.


SDCC 2014 | Battlefield Hardline “Love Your Villain Like Your Hero”

by 8 Bit Briton August 6, 2014
Battlefield Hardline is Visceral Games and EA's "cop drama shooter" that some may say is a turning point in the first person shooter community. Delayed until 2015, Hardline has the gaming community anticipating for it's release.