Assassins Creed two piece

Fanatical Fashion | Video Game-Inspired Swimwear

by Chanté Goodmanon July 21, 2014
Check out these amazing video game and pop culture swimwear pieces made by the highly recommended Etsy store fit2btiedclothing. Which ones are your favorite?
Wonder Woman

Artist to Watch | Josh McMahon and his Fan-Favored Artwork

by Bridget Thrashon July 21, 2014
This month we are kicking off our Artist to Watch from Australia. Josh McMahon has shared with us some insight to the amazing work he does that fans love all over the world!


Weekend Gaming Update

by Sam Robinsonon July 20, 2014
Welcome to The Game Fanatic’s Weekend Gaming Update! This is where we answer random gaming related questions and generally just embarrass ourselves. This week? We’re going to take the shock paddles to some of our most personal and beloved franchises and square off to see who actually dates their age the worst by accident.


Destiny Could be the Premier Online Shooter for this Generation

by Carlos Ovalleon July 18, 2014
Destiny is looking to set a mark that won’t be easily surpassed

Glitchspace Preview | Rewriting The Rules

by Tom Dearsleyon July 18, 2014
Glitchspace is an upcoming puzzler created by a small team of developers at Space Budgie, where the player reprograms the environment to reach their goal.


PS Vita Spotlight: Destiny of Spirits

by Carlos Ovalleon July 16, 2014
The Vita is the perfect platform for Destiny of Spirits, a delightfully social strategy game and the fact that it is free is a huge bonus.

Titanfall minimalist art

Game Art And Minimalism, A Rising Trend We’re Totally Ok With

by Chris Angelon July 16, 2014
Back when games were just pixels and sprites, video game art was crucial in developing and showcasing the nuances of the characters and world in conjunction with game play.

Fanatical Fashion | Celebrate With Insert Coin Clothing

by Chanté Goodmanon July 14, 2014
Insert Coin Clothing are celebrating their fourth birthday with sales and we’re all invited!


Dragon Age: Inquisition | Building a Better Romance Where Sexuality Is Not An Issue

by Matthew Shelharton July 14, 2014
Last weekend at GaymerX2 Bioware held a panel regarding romance and relationships in their upcoming title Dragon Age: Inquisition.

Fanatical Weekend Round Table

by Sam Robinsonon July 13, 2014
This week’s Round Table discussion for The Game Fanatics reveals some of our guilty gaming pleasures that we may or may not be proud of…


PS Vita Spotlight: Muramasa Rebirth

by Carlos Ovalleon July 10, 2014
This month's Playstation Plus offerings includes a Vita treasure in Muramasa Rebirth.

Fanatical Fashion | Look Good, Saints Row Style

by Chanté Goodmanon July 8, 2014
Insert Coin Clothing has released the first Saints Row clothing line available. Check it out here!


Fanatical Weekend Round Table

by Sam Robinsonon July 6, 2014
Introducing our weekly column where the Staff here at The Game Fanatics answer a few questions and reveal some Fanatical Facts about their gaming habits.