Super Mario Aquarium Made With LEGO’s

Check Out This Awesome Super Mario Aquarium Made With LEGO’s

by Kate Reedon July 21, 2014
Kelsey Kronmiller, a Graphic Designer, has made her aquarium in her home to look like Super Mario Bros. using LEGO bricks and redesigning the backdrop herself. The outcome is pretty awesome and will certainly make you want a Super Mario Bros. themed aquarium of your own. I know I do!
Assassins Creed two piece

Fanatical Fashion | Video Game-Inspired Swimwear

by Chanté Goodmanon July 21, 2014
Check out these amazing video game and pop culture swimwear pieces made by the highly recommended Etsy store fit2btiedclothing. Which ones are your favorite?

Metal Gear Solid V Picture Accidently Used by a News Station

Metal Gear Solid V Picture Accidently Used by a News Station

by Jake Valentineon July 18, 2014
An official screenshot from Metal Gear Solid V was accidentally used by Russia Today when discussing child soldiers in Africa.

Screen Shot 2014-07-15 at 6.52.41 PM

Don’t Miss This Fanatical Tank Sale – Free Shipping!

by Alena Alambeigion July 18, 2014
Every one you know is having a birthday this year, it’s the perfect time to buy some awesome TGF merch! This week through July 22nd, every sale that includes a women’s tank gets free shipping on the entire order. So what are you waiting for? Get your stylish TGF merch while it’s hot! Visit the Game […]
Winners of the BAFTA Young Game Designers Competition, courtesy of BAFTA

BAFTA Young Game Designers Competition Has First Female Winner

by Bridget Thrashon July 16, 2014
This year Rhianna Hawkins becomes the first female to win at the BAFTA Young Game Designers Competition. Maybe this will signify a shift in the male-dominated gaming industry.

Titanfall minimalist art

Game Art And Minimalism, A Rising Trend We’re Totally Ok With

by Chris Angelon July 16, 2014
Back when games were just pixels and sprites, video game art was crucial in developing and showcasing the nuances of the characters and world in conjunction with game play.


LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham | Pre-Order Bonuses

by Alena Alambeigion July 16, 2014
Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment announced the LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham pre-order toys and you guessed it… retailer specific. We get it, it’s incentive to pre-order somewhere you normally wouldn’t… but seriously, what if we want all of these cool collectibles?

NBA 2K15 Cover Athlete and Music Curator Unveiled

by Jeff Smithon July 15, 2014
Even for professional athletes, for whom seeing their name and likeness on merchandise is as regular as waking up, it’s a big deal to be the cover athlete for a major game franchise.


Fanatical Fashion | Celebrate With Insert Coin Clothing

by Chanté Goodmanon July 14, 2014
Insert Coin Clothing are celebrating their fourth birthday with sales and we’re all invited!

Fanatical Fashion | Look Good, Saints Row Style

by Chanté Goodmanon July 8, 2014
Insert Coin Clothing has released the first Saints Row clothing line available. Check it out here!

Poison Ivy

Fanatical Culture | Dangerous Bombshell DC Women

by Chanté Goodmanon June 29, 2014
You’ve never seen the women of DC Comics look quite like this.
ABC The Quest Show Open

The Quest | 5 Reasons You Should Be Excited for this Fantasy RPG Reality Show

by Alena Alambeigion June 28, 2014
The Quest is an entirely new genre of reality show. They take 12 fantasy fans, people who claim that they want to be in their favorite movies; and put them in a completely immersive world.

Everything for sale.

A Collection of all Nintendo 64 Games Ever Released, Could Be Yours

by Chanté Goodmanon June 26, 2014
What price would you put on a complete, carefully looked after collection of all Nintendo 64 games ever released?