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Blizzard All-Stars: Coming Soonish-er?

Blizzard All-Stars: Coming Soonish-er?

by Marisa SundellJanuary 27, 2013

Though Blizzard hasn’t spoken a word about it in months, it is claimed that Blizzard All-Stars, Blizzard’s own DotA-like MOBA that was revealed at BlizzCon 2010, has not been forgotten.

One of four internally-developed mods for StarCraft II, Blizzard All-Stars was intended to be released around the same time as the Heart of Swarm expansion, though now it seems like it will be a standalone game, meaning it will be playable for those who do not have StarCraft II.

Though he did not go into detail, StarCraft II’s production director, Chris Sigaty, stated that Blizzard All-Stars is being actively worked on.

Maybe we’ll see more at this year’s BlizzCon, but for now the website’s teaser “coming soonish” remains true.

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