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The Evolution of Video Games

by Ryan Smithon April 14, 2013
Over the last 25 years, video games have undergone quite an evolution that goes far and beyond their graphics and capabilities. The marketplace once had a very hard time identifying exactly what video games were, but now, they’ve become a market of their own.
The Game Fanatics Fanatical Staff

The Game Fanatics Staff: Marisa Sundell

by Ryan Smithon February 4, 2013
The Game Fanatics Staff Bio about Marisa Sundell.

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Video Game Violence vs. Gun Control: Looking Past the Real Problem

by Ryan Smithon January 14, 2013
With recent events such as the Aurora (Batman) and Sandy Hook Elementary shootings, the issue of gun control and violence has become the talk of the media, and it seems that, once again, interactive media like video games have been the primary focus. Honestly, are we surprised? We shouldn’t be, because it’s a very easy […]


“Heroes Wanted:” Ubisoft Wants You!

by Ryan Smithon November 1, 2012
Ubisoft has released a new trailer for their new upcoming title, Watch_Dogs, but it’s not your typical trailer.

Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance – European Limited Edition Details

by Ryan Smithon October 31, 2012
Konami has released the details on the upcoming limited edition release of Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance. Packed with some pretty cool goodies, I think fans of the series will be pretty pleased.


Halo 4’s DLC Announced

by Ryan Smithon October 24, 2012
With the release date of Halo 4 inching ever-so-closely, 343 has decided to announce it’s plans for the game’s downloadable content, which consists of three map packs that contain three maps each. A total of nine maps.


Sony’s “The Aftermath” Teaser Video

by Ryan Smithon October 22, 2012
Sony has been teasing some sort event on October 23, 2012, with a series of videos released over the past few days. These videos feature small references to various PlayStation franchises, which lead many to believe it could be the announcement of PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royal, or even the PlayStation 4.
Halo 4

Halo 4 Launch Trailer – “Scanned”

by Ryan Smithon October 19, 2012
Halo 4 is just right around the corner, and although a lot of fans are either trying to avoid spoilers or get their hands on all the info they can, 343 and Microsoft have released the launch trailer.

Mountain Dew Halo

Mountain Dew “Energy” Teams with Halo 4!

by Ryan Smithon October 12, 2012
It seems to be a bit of an annual thing now, as the flavor has become very popular in it’s limited runs. Thus, it has been brought back once again for the upcoming release of Halo 4. Mountain Dew‘s “Energy” flavor is geared towards gamers who love a lot of sugar, and then some.

Columbia Pictures Announces Metal Gear Solid: The Movie

by Ryan Smithon August 30, 2012
At the 25th Anniversary of Metal Gear event, fans were treated to the long awaited confirmation that Metal Gear Solid was coming to the big screen!


New WWE ’13 Xbox Live Avatar Items Are “Attitudinal”

by Ryan Smithon August 28, 2012
THQ have released some items to dress up your Xbox LIVE avatars as your favorite WWE Superstars. Ever wanted to play The Undertaker’s “Graveyard Symphony” theme song as you play Avatar Paintball dressed up him? Me neither, but someone out there does!

Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn Vignette – “Enlist”

by Ryan Smithon August 27, 2012
A new vignette for the upcoming Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn mini-series has been released, serving as a glimpse into the series and to wet your whistles as you wait for the premiere on October 5th.


Halo 4’s Specializations Takes Customization to a New Level

by Ryan Smithon August 15, 2012
If Halo: Reach‘s Spartan and Elite customization wasn’t enough for you, then 343 has you covered. Introducing “Specializations,” a way to make your Spartan or Elite more unique than ever.