About The Game Fanatics

Mission Statement

The Game Fanatics is a collaboration of dedicated video game enthusiasts who seek to create a community around fair, unbiased news as well as reviews and to celebrate video games and geek culture. We aim to provide the best in independent opinions without comprising on quality, standards, or character because after all, we are fanatic about games!

The Game Fanatics - All Things Geek Culture

Who are The Game Fanatics?

The Game Fanatics was launched in December of 2009, in the muggy suburbs of Houston, Texas, and is the brainchild of Charles “Powers” Adiukwu. With the focus and intent to provide a different perspective on the ever-changing gaming industry, The Game Fanatics brings you everything from reviews and previews to the latest in gaming and technology news. We strive to shape the site based on the wishes of our dynamic community, resulting in daily fresh articles and content.

We are a

Game Junkies Unite! It’s more than a slogan, it’s a movement. The core of TGF is uniting gamers across the face of the planet…there’s enough division amidst our ranks, it’s time for a change, it’s time for unity!

Yes, this has been done before…there’s IGN, Gamespot, Gamefaqs, and the list goes on…(actually the fact that one would think to compare us to such gaming moguls is beyond us). We are just a team of avid video game fanatics who live geek culture – from anime to movies, comics, board games, nerdy puns, and more.

Long story short, TGF is here, with personalized ratings and reviews from the minds of every day gamers, contests and giveaways, as well as news, and podcasts. We are building a strong gaming community with the greatest people and the most awesome staff.  Hope that you’ll join us for the ride!

What do we do?

Aside from being a recognized independent media outlet and all the rainbows and unicorns that come with that designation, we also put together kickass events! In fact, the very first event we threw (PS Vita launch party)in 2012 was sold out within days. We also provide full coverage of industry events and trade shows, and we’ve been told that our podcasts are very interesting.

Houston gamers, represent! The Game Fanatics was founded in Houston, and we support Extra Life Houston!