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3DVIA Offers Game Designers a Choice

3DVIA Offers Game Designers a Choice

by Nick KeoganMarch 17, 2011

3DVIA is a brand of Dassault Systemes that was founded to extend their high-end 3D graphics capabilities to new markets including consumers. The company’s stated goal is to democratize the use of 3D technology and establish it as the new media for consumer and professional users. At GDC 2011, 3DVIA showed off their games and technology. Some of you may have already played their game on Facebook. They are the people who made Billions, Save Them All. If you have not played that game and you have a Facebook account, I highly recommend playing it. This is definitely the most impressive Facebook game I have seen. It does require you to download and install 3DVIAplayer, so don’t be alarmed when it asks you to download it.

However, 3DVIA is not only making Facebook games. They also work with augmented reality, training/simulators, and…..interior design. That’s right, interior design. An anonymous company asked them to create a design for a sleek and classy billiards room. 3DVIA not only designed the room, but put it online for company to walk through with an avatar. More of their work is also on cereal boxes. Most cereal has a fun trivia or maze on the back of the box, but 3DVIA made the box open up into a game. All one has to do is go to the website on the box and hold up the box to any webcam and the box will become a game itself. The video above is a good example of how cool this is. 3DVIA has also created a simulator for an “anonymous” oil company, to train them for emergency situations. From what I saw, the 3DVIA Studio engine looks impressive. I see a lot of potential from 3DVIA with all the products and accomplishments they have made.

3DVIA now allows users and their visitors to create applications in full stereoscopic 3D. All 3DVIA Scenes applications have been upgraded to enable visitors to switch between regular and stereoscopic views. Dassault Systemes is testing this beta feature on 3D TVs right now and invite users to share their experiences on their website. You can also check out their website, for products and more information.

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Nick Keogan
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  • i don’t get it…so how is this good for game designers?:/

  • GamerGhost88

    It gives game designers an option in not only a gaming engine, but also products

  • zigg3ns

    If I have a 3D projector, appropriate glasses and a screen, what else do I need to watch 3D material?
    Only a 3D Blu-ray player with a USB port from which I can play my movies?