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Bloodborne Multiplayer Reveal Coming Next Week?

Bloodborne Multiplayer Reveal Coming Next Week?

by Carlos OvalleAugust 25, 2014

Tokyo Game Show is almost upon us but it looks like Sony Japan (SCEJA) may be showcasing Bloodborne at the pre-Tokyo Game Show press conference on September 1st.
This would be a golden opportunity for Sony to give Bloodborne that final push until it hits release sometime in the 1st quarter of 2015. What will we learn about Bloodborne?



All we know about Bloodborne’s multiplayer so far is that it will have online capabilities, as mentioned by Hidetaka Miyazaki.  I know, super vague. We’re not sure if summoning players is back or how the player interactions will work but we do have some tiny pieces that may fit the puzzle. We keep hearing about beasts and how this mysterious curse is turning people into beasts so this may play into how multiplayer might work.

A few weeks ago, we published a rundown of all the speculative and confirmed info we had obtained regarding Bloodborne and one of those talking points was the beast-hunting aspect of the multiplayer. In the gameplay demo at Gamescom, we saw the player collect and use Blood Vials which he used to heal; what if consuming too many Blood Vials slowly turns you into a beast?

Maybe that’s one of the reasons why the Regain system was implemented. For those that don’t know, the regain system restores your health by successfully hitting enemies after they strike you within a short window of time or succumb to the dangers of consuming too much blood at the risk of turning into a beast. In order to reverse this curse, the player must hunt human players online and thus we have our PVP component. We’re pretty confident we’ll see a full-blown multiplayer reveal at this press conference and jaws will drop once again like it did when we first watched the Gamescom trailer.

Release Date

Why not? It makes perfect sense to announce the release date. With the Xbox One slated to hit store shelves in Japan later this September, Sony could mitigate the blow with a release date of January 2015 worldwide for Bloodborne. Sony would essentially be telling their Japanese consumers to skip on the Xbox and buy a PS4 because Bloodborne is coming in just a few months.


Bloodborne has been in development for at least 2 years. We know that work began as soon as the excellent Artorias of the Abyss DLC for Dark Souls finished production with Hidetaka Miyzaki leading the charge for the next project. A project he trolled us all with when he said he was working on a new, light-hearted adventure for the family. Oh Miyazaki, you master troll, I hope we get to discover another useless item in Bloodborne like the ever illusive pendant in Dark Souls.

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