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How NVIDIA’s Gaming Expo Brought E3 to the Masses

by on June 19, 2014

This year had their own gaming expo outside the doors of the Los Angeles Convention Center that was holding this year’s E3. Live music, free drinks, and amazing prizes were only some of the highlights of their event.

All you had to was register and show up. Really. NVIDIA catered to the gaming community in an unique way, especially to those who dreamed of attending E3 but weren’t industry professionals or able to get a pass. They gave the community a chance to play highly anticipated games on their high end tech and win prizes. Attendees to their expo had the chance to play with the pros… and trust me, you knew you were at their event by the large Ogre statue out front guarding the gates.

NVIDIA shield at NVIDIA Gaming Expo E3 2014 Game Fanatics 69 How NVIDIAs Gaming Expo Brought E3 to the Masses

Hands-On with the NVIDIA Shield

What sparked my interest the most, other than the Titanfall tournament, was the NVIDIA Shield. I’ve never had the chance to get a hands-on demo and I was stoked! It was lightweight and fit my hand perfectly, and the screen displayed amazingly clear graphics for how small this handheld gaming device was. The controls on the controller moved effortlessly and that’s a huge plus.

NVIDIA promises that you can get the full GeForce GTX PC gaming experience with their handheld device even when you’re not anywhere near your PC. The Shield delivers. I love the fact that I have a new favorite handheld device that I can stream straight from my PC over a sturdy wi-fi connection.

Who else delivers that? I can tell you right now… No one. Now we just wait have to wait for the Shield 2 to come out.

Other than the plethora of amazing PCs and handheld tech available for demos throughout the event, we can’t forget the generosity that NVIDIA showed by giving out free drinks for those of age, Redbulls, and delicious food from the food truck on site. Did I mention that great live music?

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NVIDIA Gaming Expo E3 2014 Game Fanatics 75 How NVIDIAs Gaming Expo Brought E3 to the Masses

Outside the expo where there was an endless supply of Red Bull

The NVIDIA Gaming Expo was a delight for many of those who have never experienced an event like E3 before. I’d love to see this become a staple of E3, and I’m sure many gamers as well as companies just might feel the same way. “It’s awesome that they are bringing the E3 experience directly to end users who may not even be able to attend E3. I’m all for that” -Jorge from OriginPC shared with us.

Not only are fans of NVIDIA and other industry professionals like OriginPC happy that there was a smaller alternative to the E3 expo, but we got our hands on to products we’ve been dying to check out and NVIDIA showcased their love and support for the community by putting on this event for everyone.