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Elder Scrolls Online Delay Isn’t the Worst Thing

by on May 8, 2014

Earlier today,  confirmed that there will be a for the Xbox One and . An update states that we can expect at least a six month delay. While this might enrage some people (and rightfully so), they’re offering a cool service as an apology. Players who own Elder Scrolls Online for /MAC and play before the end of June can carry their character over to their or Xbox One. Also, won’t have to pay for the full game twice; eligible PC/MAC players can purchase a PS4 or Xbox One digital version for only $20 extra. No word on what qualifies as “eligible” yet.

TESOCombat Elder Scrolls Online Delay Isnt the Worst Thing

“Now your in-game emotions can match your irl ones with our upcoming Rage DLC.”

Though a delay is not optimal, I actually think it’s a nice change to see a company try and gain trust back. Most of the time when delays happen, we get nothing. Even worse, we sometimes get a buggy or broken release only to get something in return after the fact (if anything). The stimulus pack is an example of bad trust gaining ( decided to give players in game currency to make up for a buggy online release) and Battlefield 4 is an example of worse (We got nothing for enduring broken video game hell). So say what you will but it seems like Bethesda is just trying to fix a broken or buggy game and say sorry instead of just “yoloing” it like many companies have before.

What do you think?

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