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Naughty Dog Making Better PS4 Exclusives, EA & Comcast Deal to Stream Games

by on May 5, 2014

The Game Fanatics show is back! Each Monday, head over to our YouTube channel to get your Game Fanatics fix.

This week on 33rd episode of The Game Fanatics Show, we talk about ’s   Remaster, and how the studio is using it not only to give gamers a true 1080p experience, but prepare themselves to develop better exclusives.

We also talk about the EA & Comcast deal, streaming games on the X1 platform has the potential to be great, but with these two companies at the helm, will it suffer an untimely demise?

Of course, the web was filled with Star Wars talk all week, so we also talk about that, and round things out with a hilarious question pertaining sex and video games.

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