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Sly Cooper Film in the Works

by on January 29, 2014

Another of ‘s dearest franchises is headed for the big screen. Last April the announcement of a Ratchet & Clank movie surprised many people and now Sly Cooper will follow up a year later.

Give the trailer a watch!

Upon first viewing what hits followers of the series is a change in character –mainly Murray with smaller eyes and exchanging his goofy clothing and costumes for a brutish white tank top. Regardless, the character seems solid enough and works for a transition to the big screen.

It seems as though Sly Cooper‘s supporting duo’s voice actors Matt Olsen and Chris Murphy (Bentley and Murray, respectively) are returning. Though the voice of Sly himself is familiar, it is unknown if Kevin Miller has returned to the cast.

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Is Kevin Miller returning? Only time (and IMDB) will tell.

It’s interesting that has taken two of it’s more popular franchises from yesteryear and are gearing them for theatrical releases, rather than currently popular title’s such as or the Uncharted series.

Sony, working with Blockade Entertainment and Rainmaker Entertainment for both titles, could potentially be using the projects to refuel the nostalgia wave they created while teasing the . They also could be betting on their ties to the video game world to profit on an otherwise unknown franchise, seeing as the only money maker they hold in their stable is Spider-Man.

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Sly Cooper is set for a 2016 theatrical release and will also be available in the 3D format.

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