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Killer Instinct Patch Adds New Free Character

by on January 7, 2014

has been one of those have-to-own games in the launch line-up for the . The classic fighter has been rethought and redone from the ground up with updated visuals and gameplay, and now it adds a new character to the free roster but only at the cost of the first. Those who downloaded the game for free can now download the patch and receive Sabrewulf, a Wolf-like creature, on top of other game-enhancing , like the ability to play your game with Kinect sign-in enabled and wired controller support through any of the available USB ports and many more. Gone is Jago, who was the initial free character for Killer Instinct; if you want him now, you’ll have to pay for him.

This patch is big for the exclusive, and though the freemium game largely remains a paid experience, it’s nice to see that Microsoft is dedicated to letting gamers try out new characters. The full game costs $19.99 for eight playable characters, and the full game plus alternate costumes and accessories costs $39.99. Fight on, gamers!

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