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VGX 2013 | Two New Titanfall Classes Unveiled

by on December 7, 2013

Stryder and Ogre, the two new mechs announced for during Spike’s show.

We went hands on with Respawn Entertainment’s, Titanfall, back at PAX Prime 2013, and back in August we knew it would be one of our most anticipated games coming out next year.

But enough babble, let’ get down to the details of the new classes announced at the VGX.


A swift and fit mechanical weapon of death that outmatches all other mechs when it comes to speed and agility, but at the price of armor and damage resistance.



As its name suggests, the Ogre is one beast of a mech. A heavy and battle-hardened death-machine that sacrifices speed for armor.


Titanfall launches on all Microsoft systems on March 11, 2014.