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Does Sony now own Crash Bandicoot?

by on November 22, 2013

may be coming home.

The once proud mascot of , who once yelled through a megaphone “Hey plumber boy mustache man, your worst nightmare has arrived” may be returning to his roots. Reddit user cocobandicoot has laid out a series of events that lead us to believe that Crash Bandicoot may be owned by Sony now.

crash Does Sony now own Crash Bandicoot?

Evidence as recent as the Sony’s launch day trailer.

, who most recently owned the IP, has since removed any and all acknowledgement of Crash Bandicoot from their websites, etc., an interesting move by a company who has strangely both confirmed and denied the movement of properties from their catalogue.

As of now we can only take this with a grain of salt and will be considered rumor until we hear from Activision or Sony, but go ahead and read cocobandicoot’s well logged handling of Crash Bandicoot here.

The beloved creation of the world famous back in 1996 reigned as Sony‘s primary mascot, could we see a new Crash game in the future? Let us know in the comments below if this excites you as much as it does myself!

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