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Star Trek Beaming in New Information for two Games

Star Trek Beaming in New Information for two Games

by Jennifer KibbleApril 18, 2013

As Into Darkness gets closer to its release date, the hype is growing on the movie front as well as the video game scene.

First up, we have Star Trek Online: Legacy of Romulus. This is a new expansion for the Star Trek MMO that will be released on May 21st. Those who reserve Legacy of Romulus will gain bonuses however the expansion itself is free, unless you want some extra goodies.

The starter pack is set at $31 dollars but can be yours for $19.99 if you grab it early. In this pack you will obtain the Survivor of Romulus title, a Borg Reman officer, T’varo light Warbird and Retroloft. There is also a legacy pack being offered which is set at $181 dollars or $129 if you reserve it before launch. This pack offers the Reman species, a D’deridex, Mogai, and Dhelan Warbird Retrofit, and a starter pack. Check out STO’s website to reserve yours today.

Next Friday, April 26th, launches the new Star Trek video game that takes place between the two movies. It will bring the Enterprise to life like never before and will feature sounds and music from Star Trek and their composing team. The cast of the Star Trek movies will be bringing their voices to the game, with so much authentic Star Trek feels, this could very well be the best Star Trek game to date.

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