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The Movie Fanatics Commentary Podcast 01 | Super Mario Bros.

The Movie Fanatics Commentary Podcast 01 | Super Mario Bros.

by Jeff SmithMarch 1, 2013

In this first episode of our new show, the TGF crew watch one of the most infamous video game movies of all time: Super Mario Bros.Join Ben, Jen, and myself as we discuss, rip, and barely pay attention to a terribly pointless and meandering, but ultimately somewhat entertaining, film. We guess at the movie’s production troubles, notice completely superfluous details, and learn just why this film holds an unlucky 13% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. It’s Super Mario Bros. The Movie, and it’s absolutely terrible.


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Jeff Smith
Jeff Smith
Jeff represents the one of newest generations of gaming journalist; the generation that began gaming during the era of Playstation 2, Gamecube, Xbox, and, just to cover all the bases, Dreamcast. Despite being relatively new in the industry, he is just as passionate as someone who first picked up a controller thirty years ago, sometime before he was even born. Comics interest him, troll dolls confuse him, and the sun from Super Mario Bros. 3 haunts him.