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Age of Empires 2 has an… HD Remake?

Age of Empires 2 has an… HD Remake?

by William HarmonMarch 10, 2013

You bet your sweet rig it does. Age of Empires 2, one of the better known RTS games of the late 90’s, is seeing a accessible re-release set to launch of on April 9th. Naturally, you can expect the whole game in fancy , but a notable bonus is that there will be a multiplayer feature that is sure to be a drastic improvement over the original (Since, what, we played on dial up in 90’s, didn’t we?).

A quick look at the system requirements shows that this re-release will run on the most rudimentary of modern PCs:

Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 Pro
Steam Software Platform
900×600 minimum display resolution
Direct X 9 Capable GPU
1.2GHz CPU

Sadly, Mac users might be forced to boot camp it. As the Age of Empires series is produced by , I wouldn’t wait for a Mac OS version.

An added bonus for those that pre-order the game early, you’ll also be able to access the game a day early.

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