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Black Ops 2: I Don’t Know Who to be Angry at, but I’m Angry at Someone

Black Ops 2: I Don’t Know Who to be Angry at, but I’m Angry at Someone

by Katerina PerichFebruary 11, 2013

So my boyfriend and I like to play Call of Duty: Black Ops 2; it’s just become something that we, as a pair, do together.  Whether I’m Player (2) or logged in to “idkmybffkae”, Barry and I spend at least a few hours every weekend indulging in split-screen, fast-paced, first-person mayhem as if we were part of our own MLG circuit.

Friday night we were discussing Call of Duty DLC, and how “we should probably purchase it this time around” since we spend so much time playing.  We splurged and purchased the season pass which then gave us a screen-full of text that, of course, we didn’t read because who honestly reads fine print?  Anyway, after we completed the oddly quick-and-easy process of downloading the pass, we were excited… I mean, really excited, to test out the new maps; and you know how when you’re really excited about something, you don’t really pay attention to anything in that moment?  Well, what we didn’t know, was that apparently the PlayStation 3 is inferior to the Xbox in someone’s ass-backwards idea of a universe (or at least that’s how it feels), and we (PS3 users) are not given the map packs until a later date.  I’m sorry… but what?

Here’s the deal: after countless times of trying to find a round of TDM to play on a new map and realizing “hm, they just aren’t showing up!” I took to the internet to try and figure out the problem.  Sure enough, being probably the last person to figure this out, the Revolution Map Pack is available and playable for Xbox users, but not PS3 users;  shows you how much I pay attention to certain things, right?  So I’m frustrated, and I don’t really know who I should be mad at; Sony? Treyarch? Xbox (for being so annoying and entitled)?  I mean, can you blame me?  The maps look great, and last time I checked, being a PS3 user, I’m giving whoever money as well so I should be given the same kind of “privileges” as other console users; maybe that’s just me.

Apparently this isn’t news to anyone else but me; I guess I’ve never noticed this because I’ve never purchased DLC for Call of Duty, so please excuse my complete and utter” noob-iness” to the situation; but really, are people that okay with this?  I’m not, but clearly I don’t matter; so I’ll just take my PS3 to a corner and coddle it for a while.


At least Barry and I can play the new Nuketown Zombies map; we’ve never been too good at making it very far in zombies, but maybe we can polish our skills while waiting forever-and-a-day to play the new maps (that won’t be so new once we finally get our hands on them).  

*If you’re looking for friends, teammates, or people to play with, feel free to add us; the more, the merrier: idkmybffkae (me), dagbear (barry).

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Katerina Perich
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