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EA to Implement Microtransactions in All Future Games, Says CFO

by on February 28, 2013

Electronic Arts CFO Blake Jorgensen has announced that all future games will implement microtransactions in order for gamers to access specific content. The announcement was made at this week’s Morgan Stanley Technology, Media & Telecom Conference in San Francisco.

“Consumers are enjoying and embracing that way of the business,” Jorgensen said

This may not come as a surprise to gamers — especially those familiar with EA. EA has already begun incorporating microtransactions into full-priced titles such as Battlefield 3 and FIFA, but not all financial endeavors have gone smoothly in the eyes of consumers. The Redwood City publisher’s inclusion of a microtransactions model for ‘s weapons crafting feature has been frowned upon by franchise fans and other members of the gaming community.

deadspace 3 crafting EA to Implement Microtransactions in All Future Games, Says CFO

Weapons crafting in Dead Space 3…on a budget.

“We’re building into all of our games the ability to pay for things along the way, either to get to a higher level to buy a new character, to buy a truck, a gun, whatever it might be,” said Jorgensen, confident that the content will steadily drive transactions instances.

Jorgensen also announced the decision EA has made to run all microtransactions operations in-house, crediting Global Chief Technology Officer Rajat Taneja for developing a management system that would bring all previously outsourced activities under EA’s roof.

EA made no comments about linking its microtransactional models to next-generation consoles.