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Game Fanatics Show Episode 22 – Sony Ditches, Atari Bankruptcy, Last of Us Special, Project X Zone Localization, Revelations For Consoles, Unreal Tournaments, and CES 2013 Recap

by on January 24, 2013

Coming off the heels of , it’s the 22nd episode of Show! Charles returns from CES and Ryan asks him questions about his experience there. Plus a great group of news ranging from the future of Sony’s Dualshock, Atari going bankruupt, Special Edition releases for , Project X Zone being localized, Resident Evil: Revelations for consoles, whether there should be more Unreal Tournaments (In Case You Missed It), as well as trailer and mentions. Plus you’ll want to stick around for the outtakes that involves Charles bringing something to the yard.

News Notes:

Releases High Tides DLC Co-Op Pack For Far Cry 3 on The PS3

RUMOR: Sony To Ditch Dualshock for ?

Atari Files For Bankruptcy

Project X Zone Makes The Leap To North America

Heart of The Swarm Gets A Cinematic Trailer

Capcom Confirms Console Release For Resident Evil: Revelations

Gears of War: Judgment “The Guts of Gears” Trailers

Primal Carnage “Get To The Chopper” DLC Is Free, Now Available

Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 “The Replacer” Trailer

The Last of Us Special Editions Announced For Europe and North America



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