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NVIDIA Takes the Guesswork out of Optimization with GeForce Experience App

NVIDIA Takes the Guesswork out of Optimization with GeForce Experience App

by Seth BrownDecember 6, 2012

NVIDIA, the masters of GPUs, have entered closed beta for an app they’ve created called GeForce Experience.  Obviously by the name it ties in with their GPU, but how?  Check after the break to find out how you might get better performance for your games!

NVIDIA found out that 80% of PC users don’t optimize their settings when they boot up a new game, which gave rise to the idea of GeForce Experience, which is a way to automatically set the settings of the games installed on your PC (which are automatically detected by the app) after it figures out what kind of hardware you’re working with.  The result is intended to provide the smoothest, prettiest, most optimized gaming experience for your personal rig, all without having to check wiki pages on what anisotropic filtering and ambient occlusion means.

The GeForce Experience will also keep your drivers up to date, notifying you when new releases are available and telling you what version you currently have installed.  For now, the program is just in closed beta, with 10,000 testers, but NVIDIA plans to move to open beta soon, and expand the library of games that are automatically tested.  You can watch it in action below, and be sure to let us know in the comments whether this is something you’d be interested in using, or if you enjoy manually setting all your settings!

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