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Sleeping Dogs DLC Hits Networks This Holiday Season

by on November 15, 2012

announced today that it will release a series of DLC packs this for , , and (via ).

Some of the new content can be yours already. Today, Square Enix launched the Dragon Master Pack, a series of five DLCs combined into one. Players who did not pre-order Sleeping Dogs can now purchase the once-exclusive DLC suite, which includes new missions, weapons, martial arts moves, and other character upgrades. It runs for $7.99 (640 MSP). Here’s a breakdown of the Sleeping Dogs DLC content:

Sleeping Dogs DLC packs

  • Triad Enforcer Pack: includes the Death by 1,000 Cuts mission and a series of Triad-themed unlockables
  • Police Protection Pack: the High Speed mission and several other SWAT-themed unlockables
  • Martial Arts Pack: comes with a Shaolin Warrior outfit and the Shaolin Showdown mission
  • GSP Pack: includes George St. Pierre’s “flying punch” move and others, as well as some snazzy GSP threads
  • Deep Undercover Pack: contains a miscellaneous set of unlockables.

Square Enix has also released a Character Pack ($1.99, 160 MSP), which features three character skins, weapons, and abilities based on the , , and Just Cause franchises.

Lastly, Square Enix is planning to release three more DLC pack within the next few months — the gameplay-extending Zodiac Tournament Pack, Drunken Fist, a fighting style Wei awakens through intoxication, and a Gangland Style Pack.

So there, enough DLC for Sleeping Dogs to shake a turkey leg at.

Additional DLC features and pricing can be seen here.

Sleeping Dogs was released in August to positive critics reviews — an average rating of 83 for PS3, 80 for Xbox 360, and 80 for PC.

Image credits to SleepingDogs.net.

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