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Irrational Games Releases New Bioshock Infinite Screenshots

by on October 23, 2012

has made an effort to settle gamers’ nerves by releasing new for its highly anticipated new installment in the series, .

The first screenshot centers around a town statue and emphasizes an accomplished, multi-level city suspended in the clouds. The second image gives us presumably a family inside an ice cream parlor. There’s nothing peculiar about this scene other than the price of ice cream. That said, such a scene accentuates the innocence the Bioshock series playfully paints to contrast the storyline’s darker core.

Lastly, Irrational gives us a first-person combat shot where our character is about to pounce on a foe with his skyhook in hand. We get a fair glimpse at the impressive natural lighting due to the game’s up-in-the-air setting.

Content and announcements have been few and far between recently for Irrational Games, but the Boston developers seem confident in delivering a top-selling Q1 2013 title despite a crowded marketplace.

Bioshock Infinite is scheduled for a February 26 release on , , and .

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