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Dead or Alive 5 Costume Pack 1 DLC Released

by on October 3, 2012

Today, Team NINJA released a Costume Pack for the new generation of fighters available worldwide on the Xbox 360 and . How much is it? It’s completely free! The Costume Pack 1 opens a variety of new costumes that add new looks to familiar faces.

We’re used to little clothing, lots of skin. This new pack seems a little bit different, not to mention what they’ve done with Zack’s new outfit. In this free DLC we’re given costumes for Zack, Kokoro, Helena, Bayman, Gen Fu, Christie, Tina, Mila, Akira, Sara and Pai, ranging from casual looks to even…? Yup, .

Something also tells me that this isn’t going to be the last costume pack DLC that we get. Just a hunch I’ve got…

doa5 dlc costume Dead or Alive 5 Costume Pack 1 DLC Released

Just some of the girls showing off their new outfits.

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