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Reverb Publishing Announces Origin PC Partnership

by on August 17, 2012

Unique things happen throughout the universe every single day and yesterday was one of those days. Reverb Publishing announced their partnership with to help debut its extensive library of titles. Their first stop this year – Prime.

We all know that ORIGIN has been making not only high performance PCs for years, but laptops and even workstations for professionals, gamers and even graphic artists for years. So it’s not a coincidence that in their partnership ORIGIN PC will be making their high-end gaming PCs for Reverb. At this year their showcased PCs will be loaded with games made by Reverb for people to check them out and how they stand up to other PCs out there. (The showcase will run August 31st to September 2nd in Seattle, Washington for those who don’t know.)

“With the awesome games that we’re bringing to the market, a partnership with ORIGIN PC is a no-brainer,” said Doug Kennedy, president and CEO, Reverb Publishing. “Its track record with quality high-end gaming rigs means that we’ll be able to bring our titles to consumers at the event in the best way possible.”

For those of you who don’t know Reverb Punlishing was founded in 2010. Offering publishing to independent game developers across the PlayStation Network, Arcade, WiiWare, PC, and they’ve got a wide array of relationships and titles under their belt. Many of their old grizzlies at Reverb have worked on titles such as Guitar Hero, Rock Band, Dance Central and even Kung Fu LIVE.

As I said above, if anyone is planning on attending PAX Prime this year, definitely stop by Reverb Publishing‘s booth to check out their games and talk to some of the ‘chaps that will be there.

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