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Some Marvel Issues Ending For New Marvel NOW! Launch

Some Marvel Issues Ending For New Marvel NOW! Launch

by Logan MyerJuly 11, 2012

Marvel has announced that it is ending some of its current series in preparation for their new publishing initiative, Marvel NOW! This new initiative involves new launches/relaunches with new titles, new writing teams, new costumes, and much more. Unlike DC Comics New 52, this is not a reboot or restart, but a new evolution of their characters. So which Marvel comic series are ending for the upcoming new wave? Check them out below.

Marvel revealed that 9 series will end and may receive relaunches. These issues are:

Captain America #19

The Mighty Thor #22

Incredible Hulk #15

Invincible Iron Man #527

Fantastic Four #611

FF #23

Uncanny X-Men #20

New Mutants #50

X-Men Legacy #275

We will see these final issues in October, with a few Marvel NOW! launches starting up in October as well. These new launches will continue to release up until February 2013.

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