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Edge of Reality’s, Loadout, Weeks Away from Closed Beta

by on July 31, 2012

[pullquote_left]We’re just weeks away from inviting into the ![/pullquote_left]One game we’ve been excited for since we first laid our hands on itLoadout, has been the subject of not only a Game Fanatics show episode, but we also have a full preview of the game for those who don’t know much about it.

Lucky registrants have been receiving emails inviting them to download a spec analysis software, prepping them for the oncoming onslaught of sheer gun-crafting awesomeness.

If you received this email, it means you have pre-registered for beta access via Loadout.com.  Before we send out your beta key, we need to gather system specs from your using our SystemReport utility. Just in case you are concerned, we are NOT installing any software on your .  By clicking “DOWNLOAD”, this program ONLY collects system specs from your in order to help us identify and fix problems during the beta.  This is for our eyes only and will be shared with NO ONE.

Loadout PAX East 2012 600x399 Edge of Realitys, Loadout, Weeks Away from Closed Beta

Our primary focus right now is to release a beta that everyone can play and enjoy while also providing us with valuable feedback.

First round beta players are awarded with an unknown exclusive in-game item as a token of the dev team’s appreciation. There is still time to register, though you may have missed the opportunity to be in the first wave of the beta.

The Loadout team wants all of our current fans and supporters to fall in love with the game so bear with us while we continue to make it the best experience possible.

For more information check out www.loadout.com