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The Microsoft Surface Tablet | With Windows 8 OS

The Microsoft Surface Tablet | With Windows 8 OS

by 8 Bit BritJune 19, 2012

It has been announced!  Microsoft’s new addition to the computing race the ‘Microsoft Surface Tablet‘ will be available this fall. You can count on the Surface to debut along side with Microsoft’s new operating system ‘Windows 8‘. The tablet will be using the new OS as well.

The tablet has been rumored to be a next gen gaming tablet to a rumored mimic of the iPad… which infuriates me since Microsoft originally had plans for a tablet that did not make the trend years before the iPad. This will be mentioned in another rant by me, so stay tuned for that. Anyways, the Surface is going to be Microsoft’s first working touch screen tablet with their new OS and is supposed to be extremely customizable. The people like to customize.

Microsoft Surface Tablet

The Microsoft Surface Tablet

Since the tablet is still in prototype all we get to see right now is a video off their site The tablet is sleek, thin and has a built in stand that seems to double as a keyboard. Fancy! Pricing has not been mentioned yet. We will just have to wait and see how it fairs up to the oh-so popular iPad. Rumors mention Xbox 360 capabilities too! Can’t wait to see if that is true.

Stay tuned to The Game Fanatics for more news and updates on Microsoft’s Surface Tablet.



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