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E3 2012| God of War: Ascension Steals the Show at Sony Press Conference

E3 2012| God of War: Ascension Steals the Show at Sony Press Conference

by Baron W.June 5, 2012

The God of War returns and he’s still very pissed off! Kratos returns in God of War: Ascension along with a brand new enemy. Elephants! That’s right; one of the most requested enemies of all time has finally made it into a God of War game. And the guys over at Sony Santa Monica even managed to incorporate a multiplayer feature for God of War: Ascension

While the story details behind God of War: Ascension are still unknown, it’s clear to see below in the trailer below that the game has undergone a graphical overhaul. There are some things still missing from the game though, mainly contextual commands for when the enemies are stunned enough for a brutal grab attack, and little bits and bobs here and there.

Check out the God of War Ascension trailer below.

 God of War:Ascension Gameplay (Stream)


Source: GameTrailers

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