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Sine Mora Coming to PSN

by on June 23, 2012

The critically acclaimed title Sine Mora made its way to the and is now en route to the PlayStation Store for .

Sine Mora uses a unique blend of action and time manipulation abilities to get players from one end of the level to the other. There are over 60 different aircraft vehicles, characters, and time manipulation devices for your using pleasure. Blast through your enemies to the sounds of composer Akira Yamaoka who is well known for his work on the series.

Battle your way through epic boss battles designed by anime director Mahira Maeda who has worked on scenes from Kill Bill Vol. 1, The Animatrix, and : Unlimited.  Check out  the highly-lauded shmup from Digital Reality and Grasshoper Manufacture when it hits the PlayStation Network at a later date

For now, visit the website or follow the team on Twitter if you’re craving more Sine Mora news.

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