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E3 2012 – Nintendo’s Press Conference Starts Strong, But Is Ultimately Lackluster

by on June 5, 2012

We’ve waited so long for Pikmin 3, it was a great idea for  to start their press conference debuting footage from the anticipated game. That’s one of the few good moves they made this morning.

Yesterday, we talked about how the games themselves stole the show for Microsoft and . I wish this was the case for Nintendo. Sure, we saw, in various capacities, 23 games for the upcoming . Third party surprises like 3, Tekken Tag Tournament 2, expected and anticipated releases like City Armored Edition and Scribblenauts Unlimited, as well as Lego City showed great promise for the upcoming console. But they key word here is showed; there weren’t any demonstrations, aside from a scripted sequence for Just Dance 4.

We expected some big things from Nintendo and we came away disappointed. It was almost as if they were overly arrogant in terms of the quality of their game line-up, asking us to come to their booth and see why surprises such as Nintendo Land will capture our hearts. In addition, we saw a brief glimpse into the future of the , but they claim to have more announcements lined up for a press event tomorrow night. Still, we’re banking a lot on their word, and when Microsoft and, especially, Sony backed up their talk with demo after demo, you can’t help but be disappointed with Nintendo‘s showing thus far.

Oh, and remember, there was no announcement of a release date or price point.

The show floor opens up today, so we’ll be back to let you know how it actually feels to, you know, play the games.