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E3 2012 | Nintendo Wastes No Time Announcing Pikmin 3

by on June 5, 2012

came running out of the gate at their 2012 press conference with an intro video showing Shigeru Miyamoto being followed by some . Just as we thought, Miyamoto was there to announce .

The new controller seems to work in collaboration with Pikmin 3, which introduces us to the possibilities that the new controller has to offer. Not only can someone play on their Wii U  by using the controller itself, but they can also use it in collaboration with a TV screen to get more of a console experience.

When using the Wii U controller Pikmin 3 switched into a top down view, but when the was being displayed on the television, it return to the classic third-person view more commonly associated with the . While in the top down view Pikmin 3  looks exactly like a RTS. The looks just like the games of old with a couple of new elements added, which will guarantee a good gaming experience.  It was a good thing for Nintendo kicking off the show with Pikmin 3, it shows that Nintendo is listening to the fans.

Unfortunately, Pikmin 3 has no release date that we know about, but keep yourself tuned to The Game Fanatics to be sure to get more Nintendo  news as it comes in.

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