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Fan Art Is Awesome Stuff

Fan Art Is Awesome Stuff

by William HarmonMay 10, 2012

People have all kinds of hobbies. Obviously if you’re here reading this, gaming, comics, or movies is probably one of yours.

Gaming in particular has been one of my life’s great passions. I love to do it recreationally, analytically, and professionally (kinda…). However, you can’t go through life with just one interest.

One of my other great hobbies is collecting art. I do this in a number of ways. From books on my shelves, hanging pieces on my walls, to storing massive amounts on a second hard drive I keep tucked around behind my entertainment center. I’m interested in anything and everything that is generally awesome, from more classical pieces to amateur work that really stands out as unique. Some of this work ties back to fan renditions of game or comic characters, and some of it is just freaking awesome.

Hope you enjoy them, I know I do:

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William Harmon
William Harmon
William started gaming with Super Mario on the NES, and hasn't stopped since. He has experience playing almost all genres, across almost every platform, but today does most of his gaming on the PS3 and PC. William believes that the best games get you completely lost in them, where you play for the experience of being immersed in another world.