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Pre-Order Bonuses for The Amazing Spider-Man Announced

by on May 9, 2012

and have announced the bonuses for video game, available for pre-order from and .

Those who pre-order from GameStop will unlock The Rhino Challenge. If you’ve ever wanted to rampage Manhattan with a genetically engineered rhino, GameStop is the place to pre-order from! The Rhino Challenge allows players to ransack Manhattan and break tons of things at full speed on a genetically engineered rhino. The Rhino Challenge is unlockable on the 360 and systems while supplies last.

For those who have dreamed of playing as the infamous Stan Lee, pre-ordering from Amazon.com will allow you to do so. For the first time ever players will be able to play as Stan Lee in The Amazing Spider-Man. Players will help Stan Lee find the pages of his script that have been scattered around Manhattan by borrowing Spidey’s powers, all while being able to enjoy his witty banter. Like The Rhino Challenge, Stan Lee will be unlockable for the and PlayStation 3 while supplies last.

The Amazing Spider-Man is set to launch on June 26th, 2012 in North America.

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