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Want to Play Dota 2 or Win A Razer Naga Hex?

Want to Play Dota 2 or Win A Razer Naga Hex?

by Ryan SmithApril 26, 2012

Our friends over at are having a pretty sweet giveaway that I’m sure many of you will not want to miss. Want to play the new Dota 2 Beta or win the new Razer Naga Hex gaming mouse? Now is your chance!

Entry is pretty simple, should take no more than 5 minutes, but the end result could potentially be countless hours of fun or a free gadget. There will be 100 beta codes and 3 mouses given away.

Check out the post and begin entering by clicking here. If you haven’t seen the Razer Naga Hex, check out the trailer below!

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