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PAX East 2012 – Day One Recap

PAX East 2012 – Day One Recap

by Jake ValentineApril 7, 2012

Friday we spent plenty of hands on time on the show floor with some of the hottest demos and found a few surprises. Won’t you join us then as we recap our coverage of day one of PAX East 2012?

Spec Ops: The Line – How its emphasis on narrative, especially in the gameplay, may be able to help it rise above other 2012 shooters.

Aliens: Colonial Marines – Poised to be an absolute breakout multiplayer hit this fall.

Smite – Putting a new spin (and camera view) on the MOBA genre.

TERA – The combat helps it rise above most of its MMORPG competitors, but will it be enough to take on the behemoths of the genre?

Far Cry 3 – Standard multiplayer mechanics rumble in the jungle, with a few pieces of Far Cry flair.

Stay tuned throughout the rest of the weekend as our coverage will only increase!

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