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Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer Gets New Toys With The Resurgence Pack

Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer Gets New Toys With The Resurgence Pack

by William HarmonApril 12, 2012

Yesterday saw the release of the first DLC for Mass Effect 3. While this one didn’t augment the ending in anyway (that bit is coming later), we got some substantial additions to the multiplayer. The Resurgence DLC has added a new race option to every class, as well as some new weapons and shop options.

First things first, the shop has introduced the Premium Spectre Pack. As the most cost efficient pack available, this addition will probably be the first thing you go to, as it’s how you’re going to get all your new fancy stuff.

For official patch notes, I’ll direct you to their website. Watch the trailer, it’s way cooler than the words I would use to tell you the same thing:

What I CAN tell you that that trailer doesn’t cover is how these things end up working out. Let’s start with the good.

Geth Plasma SMG is a fantastic gun. It’s far and away, in my opinion, the best SMG to be added to the multiplayer. Its recoil is significantly less than the other options you have (damn that Hornet. Seriously) while still having good damage.

Both Geth classes are fantastic. The Geth Hunter ability makes them more fragile, but is a major boost to damage, movement speed and lets them see enemies through walls. The Engineer gets Overload, the best ability ever. The only down side is the infiltrator is stuck with proximity mines, which don’t work particularly well in comparison to some of the other options (like any of the grenades).

The Krogan Vanguard looks amazing. With Biotic Charge, Carnage, and Barrier in addition to the standard Krogan Berserker and Rage abilities, this seems to be the creme de la creme in durable Korgan wrecking ball technology.

One of these is obviously way cooler than the rest.

Of the new maps, I like Firebase Condor. It’s a sort of radial map where you can station yourself in a clear center, which has good vantage points. There are some areas where you can’t watch certain checkpoints while also staying behind appropriate cover, but oh well, not everything can be easy.

However, not everything is butterflys and ice cream.

The Batarian Soldier has an ability called Ballistic Blades, which apparently doesn’t even work right. With low damage and erratic aiming, it’s essentially a dud ability at the moment.

Also, the Asari Justicar is, with the exception of their Biotic Sphere (showcased in the video above, it is essentially a bubble, much like the area-Stasis, that reduces damage taken by friends inside of it), is identical skill wise to the Drell Adept, with Pull and Reave. People looking for a brand new way to play an Adept will be a bit disappointed.

Free DLC with new content is never a bad thing, and almost everything in the Resurgence Pack is awesome.

Get on there and enjoy!

That's right. Send the human out first.

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