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New Maps Hit Call of Duty Elite Members for Xbox Live Today

New Maps Hit Call of Duty Elite Members for Xbox Live Today

by Luis MendezApril 10, 2012

Two new maps have dropped for Call of Duty Elite premium members who play on Xbox Live today. The maps are called Sanctuary and Foundation.

Sanctuary takes place in the area of a church or a Mission structure. From what I’ve seen, it looks like a fair mixture of the maps Piazza, Village, and Resistance.

From the image above, my initial impression was that the map would mainly take place indoors, but it’s got a nice large outdoor area as well. There are plenty of smaller buildings throughout the level with multiple floors and long hallways. Probably going to be best to use assault rifles if you’re playing indoors. And sub machine guns if you’re going to run around the outside. Not much for snipers who like to play from long range though. If you like to “quickscope” then you should have no issues.

The other map released today is called Foundation.


It looks like it takes place inside a construction/industrial area. It’s a mixture of the Black Ops DLC map Hangar 18 and the Modern Warfare 3 map Carbon. It’s made up of a few tall structures/towers and a large open area in the center where most of the firefight will take place. If you’re keen to sniping you might want to stick to the outsides of the map and snipe across the map.

There wasn’t the usual advertising or hype for this “surprise” content that there has been for most of the other recent DLC released. They’re probably focusing most of their advertising for the other DLC coming out on the 20th of this month, the Call of Duty Collection.

The Call of Duty Collection will feature the maps Piazza, Overwatch, Black Box, Black Ice, Negotiator, and Liberation.

Check back into The Game Fanatics for more information on the largest Call of Duty DLC pack in the video game’s history and more Call of Duty news.


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