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God of War: Ascension Multiplayer Mode Announced and it Looks Amazing

God of War: Ascension Multiplayer Mode Announced and it Looks Amazing

by Baron W.April 30, 2012

While I’m sure some of us are quite tired of the angry Spartan Kratos by now. It seems Sony Santa Monica wants to give the fable warrior one last go round in God of War: Ascension. God of War: Ascension is a prequel to the trilogy that spanned across the PlayStation 2 and PlayStation 3, but unlike the previous games this one aims at doing something completely different. God of War: Ascension will be adding a multiplayer component, something that was rumored for God of War 3, but was never implemented.

God of War: Ascension Preview – Multiplayer

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As you can see in the video the multiplayer component of the game looks relatively solid. You can also see that there has been a dramatic improvement in the games graphic fidelity since God of War 3. I’m quite surprised they managed to achieve something that looks so good on a multiplayer scale. Usually games that have a high poly/texture count take a hit in the multiplayer side of the game because of more objects being on the screen, but that doesn’t seem to be the case with God of War: Ascension. Admittedly I am a bit tired of playing as Kratos at this point, but even still I cannot wait to give this game a go.

Source: Games Radar

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