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When Gaming and Fashion Icons Collide: Final Fantasy Models Prada’s Mens Spring 2012 Collection

When Gaming and Fashion Icons Collide: Final Fantasy Models Prada’s Mens Spring 2012 Collection

by Michelle QuillenApril 10, 2012

In a unique collaboration between European publisher and distributor Square Enix Ltd. and Prada, cast members from Final Fantasy XIII-2 will be showcasing the renowned fashion label’s 2012 Spring/Summer Men’s collection in the April issue of Arena Homme+.

Celebrating Final Fantasy’s 25th year anniversary, characters from Final Fantasy XIII-2 including Lightning, Noel, Snow, Sazh and Hope will be sporting pieces of the Prada line in a twelve-page spread, due to hit the shelves on April 12.

Arena Homme+ is the world’s leading men’s fashion magazine. Editor Max Pearmain paired up with Yoshinori Kitase, the producer of Final Fantasy XIII-2, to combine the brainchildren of their creations in an ideal display for the Italian brand’s debut collection. Says Pearmain of the partnership: 

[quote] “Our Spring issue focuses on a world of direction and escapism, and having a visually stunning videogame franchise such as Final Fantasy work alongside us and a leading fashion brand like Prada to create something so unique is incredible […] I’ve always been interested by the power of videogames and their place in society, and the amount of work that’s gone into this project blows my mind. We’re incredibly pleased with the result.”[/quote]

Couture and gaming aficionados alike can plan on being captivated by the handiwork of Square Enix’s world-leading Visual Works studio in Japan, with the guidance of Final Fantasy character designers. Using CGI-based animation, the cast of fictional characters is brought to life in a modern photo-shoot, donning what many have regarded as “one of the best of the season.”

Arena Homme+ readers will enjoy an accompanying article to the surreal pictures, written by British journalist and author Steven Poole, columnist for The Guardiand and respected gaming industry veteran. The alliance of Square Enix’s top artists, apparel by distinguished designers, and producers of an undying RPG series comes together in a harmony described by Kitase.

“The Final Fantasy series is known for its creativity and innovation. So working with Prada, a renowned fashion house with such beautiful clothing, was a very exciting opportunity. The images we have been able to create together are vibrant and unique.”

The androgynous appeal of these industries’ collisions can be previewed with the images below.

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