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Mercenary Ops, a New Third-Person PC Shooter, Announced

Mercenary Ops, a New Third-Person PC Shooter, Announced

by Charles PowersApril 17, 2012

Epic Games China, more appropriately known as Yingpei Games, Ltd, announced today their upcoming project, Mercenary Ops, a PC-exclusive shooter coming out this summer. Powered by the Unreal engine and featuring Nvidia’s PhysX, Mercenary Ops combines tactical gameplay, fast-paced action, and character customization.

[pullquote_left]Killing became our business[/pullquote_left]Boasting advanced covering mechanics and an active reload system, Mercenary Ops is already being hailed as a blend between Counter-Strike and Gears of War. The game will feature destructible cover, precise control and aiming abilities, an encumbrance system, and more. Players will be able to utilize the game’s deep customization features by gaining experience through “killing enemies and completing difficult mission objectives.”

“In a third-person shooter, the online multiplayer aspect of the game always seems to be an after-thought to the single-player experience,” said Mercenary Ops Producer, Jason Sharp. “Because of this, we decided to concentrate on creating an entirely different online experience by looking at every facet of game design from that perspective. This decision resulted in a unique style of play that enhanced traditional tactical combat by requiring players to have a quicker, more aggressive attitude.”

View the trailer:

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View the screenshots:


Edit: We’ve been informed that Epic Games is the literal translation for Yingpei Games, which is a separate entity from the Epic Games (Gears of War) that we know.

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